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No Browning ProSteel safe offers more features and benefits than the Platinum Plus series - the massive 3/16" steel body offers fire protection up to 1750 degrees for 120 minutes. This series is the ultimate in protection from fire and theft, but also offers unparalleled looks, finish, and feel.   The medallion series is one of our premium safes, offering an attractive interior with the new Axis Adjustable Shelving System, and a selection of tasteful exterior finishes that elevate it from a security device to visually pleasing decor for your "man cave" or den.   Great looks, a fully adjustable interior and superb security and fire protection make the Silver an excellent choice for ensuring your possessions remain yours.
The Hunter line of safes has convenience and security features reserved for higher priced models. If you need a larger safe, the Hell’s Canyon offers a cavernous size.       Built in the USA, the Tactical Mark IV features an AXIS interior that can be configured to store virtually any firearm. From long guns to hand guns, carbines and modern sporting rifles, these safes can handle them all.
The Heavyweight safe series is on the top end of our value safe line and offer excellent protection from theft and fire at a more affordable price. Built with a 12-gauge steel body, Pry-Stop End Bolts, 1" chromed locking bolts with three-sided door coverage, a fully reinforced integrated door frame, and a tight tolerance fit 1" formed door.   Sporters offer 60 minutes of fire protection at 1400 degrees. The 1" thick formed door with three-sided locking bolts provides excellent protection from safe breeching attempts, and the DPX storage system on the back of the door allows you to store additional long guns and accessories.   Handguns, documents, cameras, laptops and jewelry are the ideal contents for a Compact safe. Underneath the beautiful high-gloss finish is a rugged 12-gauge steel body. A full 2" of fire insulation provides 105 minutes of fire protection at 1200°.
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